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Changyi Luhong Plastic Machine Co., Ltd. is dedicated in designing and manufacturing full range of blow molding machine from 10L-20000L,1-6 layers. With more than 30 years’ production experience, the LHBM extrusion blow molding machine have been used for producing PE &HDPE water storage tank, plastic pallet, road barriers, 1000L IBC tank, double ring drum, trash can, kayak, solar mat and other hollow plastic products.

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    Founded in 1985
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    35 years experience
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    More Than 18 Patents
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    20+ Leading Technology



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Service First

  • Water tank blow molding machine

    A water tank blow molding machine is a type of blow molding machine that is specifically designed to produce water tanks. These machines use the blow molding process to create large, high-capacity tanks for a wide range of applications, such as agricultural, industrial, and residential use. The b...

  • Blow Molding Machines: The Revolutionizing Technology that is Transforming Industries

    Blow molding machines are becoming increasingly popular in various industries due to their ability to create high-quality and complex plastic products with efficiency and precision. From water bottles and toys to automotive parts and medical devices, blow molding machines are transforming the way...